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Heavy Duty Shade Sail Hardware Kit for Square and Rectangle Sun Shade Sail Installation - 8 Inch

Price: $20.99
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  • Sun Shade Sail Hardware Kit (Shade sail not included), 8 Inches Hardware kit for rectangle and square sun shade sail, everything you need to hang a shade sail.
  • Recommended to use snap hooks on each corner so as you can easily take the sun shade sail down in seconds by unclipping them
  • Not essential, but it's recommended to use turnbuckles on each corner to attach your shade sail as you can tension more effectively with them

Size: Rectangle & Square Hardware Kit 8 Inch

The Sun Shade Hardware Kit it the best device to install your King Canopy Sun Shade Sail. Made from stainless steel this hardware kit it durable and dependable.This is a hardware kit required to install a square or rectangle shade sail to any structure, tree or pole. Having the proper hardware makes installation so much easier compared to piecing it together yourself.Set Includes (4) - Pad Eyes (2) - Turn Buckles (2) - Carabineers.